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  • Popis

    For milling water slots and ventilation slots in PVC window profiles.

    Is also suitable for the Casement-System.

    • The machine is equipped with 3 high-speed motors
    • All the millers can be adjusted to the required depth or height
    • The top and the bottom cutters can be swivelled upto 65°
    • Sliding and turret clamp buffers allow quick adjustment
    • The profile supports and the cutters are mounted on heavy-duty frame
    • Double pneumatic clamps - horizontally fixed
    • Solid profile supports made of anodized aluminium
    • The motors can be switched for either outward or downward drainage as well as for either frames or sashes
    • Each cutter can be selected as for: e.g. transomes, sliding windows or door sashes
    • The slot milling and the process are fully automated